Monday, December 10, 2012

Geelani asks civil society to work for Kashmir cause

Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani has asked the civil society to work for the Kashmir cause and not leave everything to the leaders.

“We have capable people in Kashmir who can work to address various dimensions of Kashmir issue. But they leave everything to Geelani. They should not blame the leaders but work at their own level. Instead of raising finger at us they should understand that we are not even allowed to move outside the house for prayers,” Geelani said addressing a seminar titled ‘World Human Rights Day and Oppressed People of Kashmir’ at his residence here.

Geelani said despite sacrifices people are not safeguarding their contribution. “Sacrifice and voting cannot go together. Despite sacrifice, people are strengthening New Delhi’s rule here.”

Geelani said that Institute of Kashmir Studies was shut down ‘with the collaboration of so-called friends.’ “A center was running in which we tried to document Kashmir history, but certain elements contributed in shutting it down.”

However, Geelani said that people should not feel dejected and appealed them to maintain unity.
Reacting to the statement of National Conference General Secretary Sheikh Nazir that Sheikh Abdullah never signed 1975 Accord, Geelani said, “They think people are fool. More than 30 years have passed since the accord took place. Sheikh’s son and grandson continue to hold the chair. They continue to enter into alliance after alliance with Congress whom they used to call gandi naali kay keeday. They think people will forgive them for their sins. Chief Minister is brutal than his grandfather.”

Geelani also said that New Delhi has ‘sent a battery of Hindu officers to rule the state through bureaucracy and police.’ “Governor, DGP, 4 ADGPs, 6 IGPs, 5 DIGs, 4 Principal Secretaries, Chief Electoral Officer, 6 Commissioner Secretaries are Hindus,” Geelani said.

He termed Kashmir as an economic, political, human and religious issue. “Until we are not free from India, our religion and resources are under threat. If people will not raise voice against injustice, I warn you that future of Kashmir will be dark. I want to educate people about the injustice done to them, but government keeps me under house arrest.”

Geelani said his amalgam will fight for the release of Muslim League leader Dr Qasim Faktoo and other Kashmiri youth who were recently awarded life sentence. Geelani said he will consult lawyers to fight for their release and also launch a campaign for their release.

He said that 150 youth have been slapped with PSA this year and 850 youth are in different jails in J&K and outside. “Thirty three are convicts and five have been awarded death sentence and life imprisonment.”
Geelani demanded that FIR should be registered against 500 officers of police and paramilitary whom Coalition of Civil Society recently accused of human rights violations.

Asiya Andrabi also spoke on the occasion. “Judiciary has been no different to Kashmiris. My husband’s sentence is a political vendetta. We should move beyond calling one-day protests and conferences,” she said.

Asiya called on the people and leadership to capitalize on the sacrifice rendered by his husband and others. “However, we should not forget the families of sufferers.”

She also asked the government of Pakistan to take up the issue of Kashmir youth who have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Prof. Hameeda Nayeem asked the leadership to move beyond sloganeering and present a rational case of Kashmir issue. “It is not only killings and torture; our every right has been vandalized. We have miserly failed to present Kashmir issue beyond a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan.”

She also castigated Hurriyat (M) for their scheduled Pakistan visit. “Pakistan has always supported us. They have never been against the third option, what will they present to Pakistan,” Hameeda said.
Dr Sheikh Showkat Hussain said Kashmiris have failed to document human rights violations. “We failed to argue our case in various international organizations,” he said.

Other who spoke on the occasion included Ghulam Nabi Sumji, Zamrooda Habib, Abdul Majid Zargar, Muhammad Shafi, Abdul Ahad Para, Arjimand Hussain Talib and Peer Saifullah.

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